October 24, 2006

Status update:

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I’ve completed a second implementation pass on the code in my major execution loop. I’d performed the first one with a dummied-up input file. This time it was with a “real” file, composed by my preprocessor. That file itself had been “seeded” by yet another pre-processor. While it may seem awkwardly recursive, this approach reduces the program’s task to a minimal effort (lacking “Strong AI”), something like the logarithm of the “brute-force” approach!

I have a short list of next steps to complete:
• Unit test and add a “validation” entry point to the souped-up engine.
• Implement some logic that wasn’t in the cards with its predecessor.
• Filing.

But I’ve taken a brief detour to refactor additional code. This time it felt even better. I got in and out in one session. I’d been coding very conservatively; In the beginning I wasn’t sure about anything. So aesthetics had taken a back seat to getting the program running. Sounds like Fred Brooks: “Plan to throw one away.” But with object programming, refactoring can work wonders.


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