December 22, 2006

Out of the Woods

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The reason I haven’t posted anything here for a while is that I’ve been fighting a protracted battle with Cocoa controls. There were several intractable problems getting controls to work the way I wanted. (This is a powerful endorsement of “open source”; If I’d had the source, the problem would have been relatively minor.) Initially, I tried an approach that just didn’t work, sigh. Then I tackled some of the problems that the first approach would have handled. These weren’t NSControl issues, but had been my tipping point for trying the failed approach in the first place. I had some success with those and was encouraged to attack the NSControl problem, head-on.

So, I’ve been dealing with the NSControl issues that made me consider the failed approach in the first place. And last night everything worked for the first time! Now, I’m refactoring and cleaning up my code base. After that I need to document the framework mechanisms I’ve implemented and parts of the rest of my code too. When I come back from a New Year’s break, I’ll need a trail of bread crumbs to find my way home 🙂


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