October 6, 2007

The wisdom of Cocoa-dev

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I had another one of those moments of awe just now, reading a thread on Cocoa-dev; a reminder of what a resource and community it is! People complain about things all the time — I’m not above that either — but on cocoa-dev there is an earnestness and agon that is truely amazing!

Many years ago, I was privileged to attend a class on Buddhism that met weekly at a “Free University.” One meeting toward the end of the “semester” was devoted to a group discussion of all classes in the Free University. The long part of the meeting was a general session. It basically turned into a bitching session about what was wrong with the structure of the Free University. Then, there was a short end-session which consisted of a “huddle” for each class to talk and synch up for the next meeting.

I sat silently in the huddle. After most people in my class had spoken, it fell silent. Then I piped-up that I really loved our class and didn’t see anything wrong with it at all! Our teacher, Dr. Streng smiled and quoted Jesus: “Cast not thy pearls before swine nor give that which is holy unto the dogs.”

Namaste Cocoa-dev.


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