March 28, 2008

Step over, Mighty Mouse; SuperDuper saves the day!

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Thanks to SuperDuper, I just avoided having to reinstall Leopard (AND ALL THE UPDATES) after using a BAD Epson Installer. (Bad Installer, bad: Go to your room 🙂

This is the type of problem (System file corruption) that would be quite tricky (at best) to reverse using Time Machine.

The salient point is that I’m encouraged to make freqent backups, because SuperDuper is painlessly quick!

SuperDuper; It really is.


March 26, 2008

Instruments Rating

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Last night at NSCoder Night, a Cocoa mentor showed me how to use Leopard Instruments to find leaks in my application. I find instruments to be totally mindblowing: Doing low level work at a high level like this is a holy grail of software, too seldom realized.

I was dreading doing this kind of debugging before Instruments; now I’m looking forward to it as an opportunity to play with fun tools and simultaneously reify my understanding of Objective C memory management!

March 17, 2008


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I’ve been dabbling with PDFKit. It’s extremeloy powerful! I’ve also picked up some style pointers from John Calhoun’s excellent example code! The learning curve continues; but it’s more fun now.

Year of the Dragon

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I’m really looking forward to getting MacSpeech Dictate. Ever since my days studying Raj Reddy’s work, I’ve wanted software that could wreck a nice beach 🙂


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The project makeover that started sometime in January is successfully winding down now! I accomplished everything I needed to do and will soon go back in for major polishing of the interface. Before that I have to update my lists and do some code cleanup.

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