May 16, 2008

A Glimpse into PDFKit

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While I don’t consider myself to be a PDFKit expert by a long shot, I have found it compelling and accessible. This is largely due to the robust collection of example programs provided.

What is PDFKit?

One way to think about PDFKit is as the APIs used to implement much of Apple’s Preview application, exposed for reuse.

Survey of PDFKit Documentation

Taking Advantage of PDF Kit in Your Cocoa Application

PDF Kit Programming Guide

PDF Kit Reference Collection

Survey of PDFKit Example Programs

PDF Calendar uses PDF Kit to show you how to subclass PDFPage and generate your own PDF content.

PDF Annotation Editor uses PDF Kit to examine, edit, and create PDF annotations.

PDFKitViewer2 (based on PDFKitViewer ) is the example program I’m working with tonight. I’ve added the ability to save PDF form data and I’ve hidden its use of PDFOutline to focus more clearly on the recipe I’ve added.

PDFView Subclasser (distributed on Leopard DVD I’m not sure where this sample originated!?  I’m guessing it was on Apple’s Leopard Development site but not merged into the regular site; possibly an oversight.  I just sent a note (6-13-08 ) about this to the PDF Kit team, so this sample may appear shortly on Apple’s website) shows you how to subclass PDFView in order to overlay content relative to the PDF content using the (Leopard) PDFView method -[drawPagePost:]

PDFKitLinker2 presents many features of (Tiger) PDFKit. Ostensibly it allows you to open PDF’s and edit existing Link annotations or create your own.

Link Snoop is a simple application using the new Quartz framework, PDFKit in Mac OS X Tiger. When a user opens a PDF with this application it scans it for Link annotations that have a URL associated with them. URL link annotations are displayed in an NSTableView. Also, the PDF is displayed with these annotations highlighted.


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  1. I’ve been searching for “PDFView Subclasser” code but cannot find it anywhere. Did you ever track down its origin? Is it available anywhere? Thanks, JN

    Comment by JN — October 29, 2011 @ 8:46 am

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