April 30, 2009

[RECOMMEND] Jordan Langille, Iconographer

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Jordan is an Artist and Iconographer at OneToad Design

He designed the icons for PDQForms 🙂

I found Jordan through CIMGF; thanks guys!

Jordan responded to my initial query, worked with me and delivered my icons in a very reasonable amount of time!

He communicates well, is easy to work with, and does EXCELLENT WORK!

And he’s very concerned with his customers’ satisfaction!

Thank you, Jordan!!


Daring Furball

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Buster was taking a break from writing his application for the 2009 Apple Design Awards – he’d been working extensively with Mouse Events, of course.

Perhaps he was drawn to the laundry basket by my – freshly minted and washed – Daring Fireball t-shirt 🙂

April 16, 2009

Windows considered harmful :-)

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“you guys are outta yer minds”

April 10, 2009

Announcing PDQForms

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PDQForms is a Mac OS X application that adds spreadsheet logic to regular tax forms* so you can file your Federal and State** tax returns quickly, avoiding tedious calculation, and with accurate results. PDQForms is for people who do their own taxes, want to maintain the privacy of their financial information, and want high-quality, low-cost tax software.

* These forms have been “fixed up” to contain embedded logic.
** The 2009 edition supports only CA and NY State returns.


“Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.”
– Albert Einstein

PDQForms seamlessly integrates intelligence into familiar, paper-based forms, eliminating tedious calculation while ensuring accurate results. This simplicity of familiarity is PDQForms’ “platform innovation.”


PDQForms implements smart layout to always center the active field within its focus ring. Almost all calculations are performed automatically, including tax calculations, which are done using the appropriate tax table or formula.

Compare this to the haphazard experience of filling out tax forms using Acrobat Reader or Preview, with their erratic field positioning, dollars and cents fields that are split in two, and no built-in support for calculations.


PDQForms has a small memory footprint to launch quickly. It’s quite responsive, with no noticeable hesitation when editing or tabbing between fields. Tested with Leopard Instruments and the LLVM/Clang static analyzer, PDQForms is also extremely stable.


PDQForms is fully Unicode-compliant, ensuring ease of localization.


The PDQForms website is here.

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